First-time users


2nd floor entrance

Make your way to the hot spring entrance on the second floor.

If you have a suitcase or other large pieces of luggage, please store them in a coin locker on the first floor before you check in.


Shoe locker

Please put your footwear in one of the shoe lockers and take care not to lose the key.



Visit the front desk to check in. A staff member will provide some information about the facilities and hand you a wristband.


Linen counter

At the linen counter next to the front desk you will receive a carry bag containing a resort robe and towels.


Locker room

Take the elevator up to your locker room (men on 5th floor, women on 7th floor) and change into your robe.

  • The wristband you received also functions as your locker key. Please find the locker that has the same number as on the wristband.
  • Please be sure to wear your robe when inside the complex.

Enjoy the oceanside hot spring facilities

  • Cash is not accepted within the facilities. Instead, you can use your wristband to make purchases and then pay the total amount when you check out.
  • Please take care not to lose your wristband.


Please drop your robe, towels, and carry bag into the linen returns box located inside the locker room.
Take the elevator back down to the second floor and use the machine near the front desk to return your wristband and pay for your purchases.

Your valuables

  • Please keep the wristband on you at all times so that you do not lose it.
  • You can safely store your valuables in a dedicated locker nearby the front desk. *Please ensure that you have also locked your locker in the changing room.
  • You will be asked to pay a fee in the event you lose your wristband, shoe locker key, resort robe, or towels.

Points to note

  • People with tattoos or body art (including paint and body stickers), any person recognized to be a member of a gang, an anti-social organization, or any person affiliated with such groups, or persons deemed unsuitable to use the facilities shall be refused entry.
  • Intoxicated persons, any person with dermatosis, or persons that may be carrying any other infectious disease shall be refused entry.
  • Please refrain from bringing food or drinks into the complex.
  • Smoking is not permitted inside the building. Please use the smoking room located on the third floor.
  • Please note that we take no responsibility whatsoever for any accident, injury, theft, or loss of items.
  • For safety reasons, children up to the age of three shall be refused entry.